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How to take backup of your data in Tally.ERP 9


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Why is it necessary to take backup of accounting data in Tally ERP 9 ?

Tally.ERP is an accounting software used by many professionals for their accounting work. In Tally all the transactional and accounting records are saved in your storage media, it could be an external hard drive or internal hard drive assembled with your system. Taking a backup of your data at regular intervals helps retrieve your backed up data when your existing data is lost. To avoid data loss in Tally one should take the backup of tally data that ensures data protection against data loss. 

Using Tally.ERP 9, you can easily take a backup of your company data any time and restore it when you need. You can backup and restore tally data with the help of given solution.

How Often Should You Take Backups ?

The frequency of backup depends upon the volume of transactions you are handling with. If you are working for a company dealing thousands of transactions, then make a habit of data back up in one or two hours. At least keep a daily backup even if you are working for a small business. Regular backup can save time and effort, when your data is corrupted or lost.

How to take backup in Folder Format ?

Backup the data in the folder format
1) On your computer, go to the location where company data is stored.backup1

2) Copy the whole Data folder and paste it in a different local disk or an external drive.
You can also copy the folder of a particular company data, as shown below:


Restore the backup in the folder format
1) Go to the location where the data was backed up.


2) Press Alt+D or click the address bar. The location will be highlighted in blue.


3) Press Ctrl+C to copy the path.
4) Open Tally.ERP 9 and select the company.
5) Press Ctrl+Alt+V to paste the location. The companies will be listed as shown below:


Set the backup location as the default data location
1) Go to Gateway of Tally > F12 > Data Configuration .
2) Enter the data path in Location of data files .
3) Press Ctrl+A to accept.


Similarly, you can also restore the data of a particular company in the folder format.

How to take backup of the accounting data in Tally ERP 9 ?

Following is the step by step process to take the backup of your tally data :
Step 1: Go to Gateway of Tally and Click on the F3: Cmp Info or Press Alt+F3.
Select Backup from the Gateway of Tally.
On the “Backup Companies on Disk” screen, Source field contains the current data path (In the example below, source data path is C:\Users\Demo\Desktop\data).



Step 2: In the Destination field, specify the path where you want to take the backup of Tally data (In the example below, destination data path is C:\Users\Backup\Desktop\data).

Step3: Select the companies to backup.
You can take backup of specific company or all companies according to your requirement.


Step 4: Accept the screen by Pressing Y.

The backup file is now stored in specified location, C:\Users\Backup\Desktop\data as per the above example.

How to restore backup of the accounting data in Tally ERP 9 ?

Following is the step by step process to restore the backup of your tally data :

Step 1: Go to Gateway of Tally and Click on the F3: Cmp Info or Press Alt+F3.
Select Restore from the Gateway of Tally.
On the “Restore Companies” screen, the Source field contains the current data path (In the example below, the source data path is C:\Users\Backup\Desktop\data).


Step 2: In the Destination field, specify the path where you want to restore the backup of Tally data. (In the example below, the destination data path is C:\Users\Backup\Desktop\datarestore).

Step 3: Select the companies to restore data.

Step 4: Accept the screen by Pressing Y.
The restored file is now stored in specified location, C:\Users\Backup\Desktop\datarestore as per the above example.

How to take backup at server side location in Tally.Server 9 ?

If your company uses Tally.Server 9 to maintain data, backup has to be taken from the server data location. 

  1. Click S: Server Data Loc in the Backup Companies on Disk screen, and select the server location as Source .
  2. If the administrator has enabled Security Control , provide authorised Tally.NET credentials to access the List of Tally.Server Data Locations .
  3. Destination – The folder path where the data backup has to be stored. You can store the backup locally on your computer, on any external storage device, or on a storage space on the network.
  4. Select the required company from the List of Companies . Select All items to back up data of all the companies.
  5. Press Ctrl+A to initiate the backup process.
    The backup file is stored in the destination folder as TBK900_10000.001 . Data backup taken using versions prior to Release 6.0 used to store the data in TBK900.001 format.

How to take online backup in Tally ERP 9 ?

One of the safest ways to tally backups is to compress data with compressing software like winzip, winrar and send it to your email, preferably in Gmail. But this is a bit difficult if your data size is big. Gmail does not support sending data more than 25 MB. Cloud storage accounts like  Dropbox and Google Drive are great for storage as they can be accessed from anywhere and it gives you more storage spaces.

To take the backup online on Google drive or Dropbox, they shall be first downloaded on the desktop after which google drive and Dropbox folder gets created on the local drive allowing tally admin to take the data backup online.

1) Google Drive -Backup and sync :
Save your backup online on Google Drive Backup and sync tool. It’s one of the best online tools to backup any type of files online. To download Google Drive setup click here .


2) Dropbox Basic – free account :
One more interesting backup tool is dropbox which gives you 2 GB of free storage on their basic plan. To download Dropbox setup click here.

3) Microsoft one drive.
4) Icloud on mac etc.
One can go for any of the above online tools as per their convenience.

How to take backup using customization in Tally ERP 9 ?

Customization capabilities of Tally also allows backup process of the tally data automatically either using readily available add ons in Tally Shop or by Customization –

1) Auto Backup on Opening / Closing of Tally Application
2) Auto Backup on Opening / Closing of Tally Data
3) Auto Backup at the scheduled Time & Day
4) Auto Backup without opening the Tally Application

-One of the best selling add ons from another tally vendor published on Tally Shop is Auto Backup Utility.
-This Add-on gives you the facility of automatically taking care of your data backup.
-This utility takes data backup as per date and time wise in a given specified location.
-This utility facilitates users for confirmation of data backup.

1) Automatically Take care of your Data.
2) Backup of data when loading, Shutting of Company.
3) Backup of all companies or Selective Companies.
4) Incremental backup using Time stamp.
5) Day wise Backup to Save Memory Space.
6)Confirmation about the Backup.

Disclaimer : We do not guarantee for any add on available on Tally Shop except for those developed by Labh Software, as these are developed 3rd Party and hence there is no assurance of support from our end and the author developer needs to be contacted in case of any issues w.r.t. their add ons. Such 3rd Party add ons that are readily available for plug and play on Tally Shop.

Want to know how to take a backup using 3rd party software like Cobian Backup ?

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ] on Tally ERP 9

1) What is tally back up ?
Ans: Taking backup of tally erp 9 is the process of copying all existing data or transactions and records  into a safer location other than tally erp 9 data base.This will protect your daily work against system crash, unexpected situations which leads the company data unusable.

2) Can I Back up selected entries or masters in tally erp 9 ?
Ans: No you cannot use a backup feature for selected transactions and masters, Backup work for a single company or a group of companies.

3) When I try to take backup of Tally data, I am getting an error “Cannot Backup” ?
Ans:This error message displays when the size of the company.900 file is increased heavily. This file is available at company specific folders for eg : 10001 . Inside Data folder.


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