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How to take backup using 3rd party software like Cobian Backup

Cobian Backup is a simplified approach to back up and restore your data in a scheduled manner. You can connect the application to a domain or a local system account and schedule the execution of the backup process as per your set up.
The following is the detailed procedure for installing and setting up Cobian Backup .

Step 1: Downloading Cobian application
Download the application from https://www.cobiansoft.com/ . Save the .exe in any of the local drives.

Step 2: Installing Cobian application
1) Double-click cbSetup.exe , and click Run .

[click image to view]

2) In the setup window, click Next .
[click image to view]

3) Click I accept the conditions , and then click Next .
[click image to view]

4) Type or locate the installation path, and click Next .
[click image to view]

5) Under installation type select As a service .

6) Under service options:
-If you are on a domain, select Use a regular account and provide your Username and Password to prevent any Domain controller restrictions.
-If it is a stand-alone PC, select Use Local System account.

7) Click Next .
[click image to view]

8) Click Yes to continue.
[click image to view]

9) Click Install .
[click image to view]

10) Once the installation process is complete, click Done.
[click image to view]

Step 3: Setting up backup
1) Open the application.
[click image to view]

2) Click Task and select New task or press Ctrl+A .
[click image to view]

3) Under the General tab, enter Task name (for example, Backup001) and click Files .
[click image to view]

4) Under Source, click Add, select Files , directory, FTP or manual from the list. Select the folder where Tally data is saved; for example, C:\Tally.ERP9\Data.
[click image to view]

5) Click Destination and select the path where the data needs to be saved. Select any existing folder or create a new folder, and click OK .
[click image to view]

6) Click the Schedule tab.
You can schedule the frequency of the backup with different intervals. Choose the schedule depending up on the updates you need.
[click image to view]

7) Click the Dynamics tab.
Select number of backups you need under Full copies to keep. For instance if you backup daily, you can keep the last 3 backups – but again it depends upon your need.
[click image to view]

8) Click the Archive tab.
Select the compression type; that is, you can use Zip, 7zip, or No compression.
Note: 7zip provides better compression.
You can encrypt files up to AES 256 bits.
[click image to view]

9) Click the Filter tab.
You need to filter the choice; that is, a specific set of files, File size, Date Modified, and so on.
[click image to view]
You can exclude files (*.tsf) from scheduled backup. User can continue accessing the data during the backup process.

10) Click Add and browse for .tsf files from Tally Data folder. Next, click OK .
[click image to view]
Note: During Backup process no need to stop working on Tally Since the tsf files are already excluded.

11) Click the Advanced tab and enable required options as per your need.
[click image to view]
 Click OK .

12) As per the scheduled time, day and date, backup will take automatically. Cobian application shows the backup status and backup size as shown below:
[click image to view]

Backup taken from Cobian application to the destination location will appear as shown below.
[click image to view]

13) In order to restore the data, right-click the data backup (taken from Cobian application), and then click 7-Zip > Extract here .
[click image to view]

The data is extracted in the folder with the same naming convention used in Tally.ERP 9 (for example, 10000, 10001).


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