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Why Use Tally Prime over Tally ERP.9?
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Tally Solutions has released various versions of Tally and each newly released version brought about some major enhancements and improvements in Tally product which included Inventory management system, multi-location business system, statutory, payroll, Tally for GST, etc.

With the deep intent to delight customers and deliver cutting edge product that would definitely transform business operations by bringing greater efficiency and flexibility, Tally Solutions introduced Tally Prime one of the major features with completely new look and feel yet familiar to Tally.ERP 9. Tally Prime will now empower small as well as large businesses along with the business owners, Chartered accountants, Accountants and other Tally Users to seamlessly manage their work and make every day simple.

Given below are the major highlights that will help you have a quick glance at the difference between Tally Prime and Tally ERP 9.

Difference Between Tally Prime & Tally ERP.9


No.Tally.ERP 9Tally Prime
1Access to Tally Data by specifying the Folder PathAccess to Tally Data by – Specifying the Folder Path OR Navigating to Tally Data Folder Path using Select From Drive option
2Data Status not available on ScreenData Status such as Migration Required (From Order version) OR
Repair Required (For Corrupted Data)
3Old Logo
New Logo
Old Look & Colour of Tally
New Look & Colour of Tally
5Multi Tasking not possible in a single instance of TallyMulti Tasking is easily possible in a single instance of Tally Prime. Open Multiple Reports / Vouchers without opening a new instance of Tally using the New GoTo Button
6Copy Paste using Ctrl + Alt + C & Ctrl + Alt + VCopy Paste either using Ctrl + Alt + C & Ctrl + Alt + V or using Ctrl + C & Ctrl + V
7Cluttered Supplementary details screenSmart & Filtered Supplementary details screen
8Switching Voucher Mode using different buttons making navigation a little difficultSwitch between various Voucher modes using Change Mode and access Item Invoice, Accounting Invoice or as Voucher, Single Entry, Double Entry, etc
9When there are more and more Items in an Invoice, paper consumption increases as the printing happens on multiple pagesA click of a button to optimize the Printing to Save Paper
10Walkthrough the entire voucher to update any specific detailsSeamlessly update any details of any Items / Ledgers / Order Information / Dispatch Information, etc using the More Details option
11Third Party Addons required for E-Invoicing & E-way bill no generationThe upcoming version will have these features incorporated in the standard software having connected environment with the E-Invoicing and Eway Portal
12Gateway of Tally > F12 (Configure) Product & Features > F12 (Configure) to show all product releases.F1 (Help) > Upgrade > F12 (Configure) to show all product releases.
13Gateway of Tally > F12 (Configure) > Product & Features > F4 (Manage Local TDL) used to load TDL files on startup.F1 (Help) > TDL & Add-On > F4 (Manage Local TDLs) used to load selected TDL files on startup.
14Gateway of Tally > F12 (Configure) > Licensing > Update License for Administrator e-mail ID and Tally.Net password.F1 (Help) > Settings > License > Manage License > F5 (Update) for Tally.Net ID and password.
15Gateway of Tally > F12 (Configure) > Licensing > Surrender LicenseF1 (Help) > Settings > License > Manage License > Ctrl+F7 (Surrender)
16Gateway of Tally > F12 (Configure) > Licensing > Renew TSSF1 (Help) > Settings > License > Manage License > F9 (Renew TSS)
17Gateway of Tally > F12 (Configure) > Licensing > Configure Existing LicenseF1 (Help) > Settings > License > Manage License > F4 (Use License from Network) > Configure License Manually


27 thoughts on “Why Use Tally Prime over Tally ERP.9”

  1. Tally prime is not generating excel file of GSTR-1 , it will take time to mature being no support for this from Tally team

    1. The recent changes made by the government have not been amended in Tally Prime release 1.1.4 regarding the GSTR-1 report. But this amendment will be done in the next release confirmed by Tally Banglore.

  2. Working in new version of tally prime was so good. It has so many new features like first of all copy option has changed. it was too helpful for me. & then, when we passing entry in tally also we can check common reports.

  3. kundan jethwani

    can we store our tally data :in tally cloud. if our hard disk is damaged can we get data from tally.

    1. No. As of now, Tally is not cloud-based. We suggest you take a regular data backup in an external pen drive or save the backup in the mail.

    1. You can install Tally ERP9 and Prime in different folders, then activate the license on Prime and configure the same license on ERP. In this way, you can work on both.

  4. Does Tally provide any CRM – costomer relationship management features e.g.:- Quotation , aftersales service data, active inquiry – or lost inquiry register etc etc

    1. TallyPrime is suggested to be used as it is the latest version and many changes are made in it which makes it easier to use.

  5. hi, I have purchased a license for tally erp 9 can i use the same credentials for tally prime or do i need to buy another license

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