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Tally offers a special Gold Auditor Edition, which provides Audit & Compliance capabilities, exclusively for Chartered Accountants(CA). Audit is an important function of any business organisation, it denotes that the business has True and Fair transactions during the year.
Tally has an inbuilt feature Tally Audit in Auditor version which enables the auditor to perform an audit or track changes that affect the integrity of a transaction, such as changes made to Date, Ledger Masters and Amounts in the Voucher are reflected in the Tally Audit Listings.

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Features offered by Tally Auditor Version

Tally CA Version provides the various helpful tools for Chartered Accountants: Tax Audit, Statutory Audit, Statutory Compliance. Tally Auditor Version development is mainly focused on CA requirements.

Increase your audit effectiveness with its advanced features like remote access and boost the opportunity by adding service like Continuous Compliance.

Tally Auditor version can provide audit services to client at client’s office, at CA’s office or remotely by accessing client’s data from anywhere.

Tally auditor version helps in syncing with Tally installed at your clients offices, and improving your practice and your clients businesses.

TALLY AUDITOR Power your Business

A growing economy, widening tax base and increasing compliance requirements impact Chartered Accountants. Their time is at a premium, their travel costs grow, and they find it hard to find staff. The powerful audit tool Tally for CA is designed just for CA’s which can be your solution. There’s also an increment in opportunity by compiling new services in the CA’s Portfolio.


In Multi User all the machines on the LAN network will simultaneously get both license and data access, in case of remote access you may give 10 such remote users to access data remotely.


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