Silver (Single User)

  • Suitable for single user (Only One Computer System) Environment.
  • Features include Tally.NET and Remote Excess
  • Manage Multiple Companies and Account books As you need.
  • With Remote Access feature enable your Chartered Accountant to manage your accounts from his preferred location.
  • One Tally.NET Identity will be created with which you can login to your system at home or office.  


Gold (Multi User)

  • Suitable for more than one user
  • Tally License will be installed on One system(Server System) and the other Users(client Systems) can access it by a single LAN connection
  • A number of users can simultaneously Access data to read and write
  • You are eligible to create 10 Tally.Net Identities with which you can login to your system at home or office.  
  • Remote Access Facility will be available to you in Gold too


Auditor Edition

  • An Auditing Software Exclusively for chartered Accountants. 
  • Auditors' Edition is designed to assist you to transform your practice and streamline your clients' businesses.
  • This will help CA's increase audit effectiveness, reduce time and effort, increase opportunity by adding new services to your portfolio, and more.
  • Access your client's data from wherever you are using Remote Access facility



  • Tally Rental is for those who do no require Tally Throughout the year.
  • Suitable for students and professionals who require tally only for audit purpose.
  • Tally Rental is Cost effective
  • Both Silver and Gold version Is available on rental basis for monthly or quarterly basis as per your needs.