Elegant BI has developed a special version of BI for Tally users. It can get connected to Tally ERP and allows to make any kind of Analysis, Reports, Dashboards without any programming and scripting. Adding and deleting a column or row can be done with single drag and drop.

It comes with pre-built ready dashboards, KPI and reports. Ready with critical monitoring of business parameters and performance indicators. Ready to design any report, any dashboard or KPI as per your business need.

It provides:

1) Ready integration with Tally® system

2) Not only static reports but also dynamic ad hoc reporting with simple drag and drop; no need for any programming or scripting language

3) Not only numbers but also visual dashboards, graphs, and indicators to give you a snapshot of your business performance

4) Complete visual data mining (deep diving); drill down, drill through, slice and dice your data in tabular and graphs format

5) Move from data to intelligence; move from just reports to financial and Business Intelligence

6) Fine- grained user access rights and security; users can only see what they are authorized to see

7) Start working with pre-built dashboards, KPIs, and reports; then make your own reports and dashboards without the help of any Tally® consultant or programmers

8) Export reports to csv, xls, pdf, and other formats

9) Works from the internet or your internal network

10 100% browser based; works on your smartphones and tablets

11) Installation in one hour, training in two hours; cost-effective and ready to use for 1 to 1000 users.